IOT Node LoRa 4G

Famous for its use by NGOs all over the World.

It is a generic system with the latest autonomouse and mobile communication standards.

As a pop-up network it works even in areas without mobile or public internet.

It consists of 3 Elements

  • the IOT sensor pack,
  • the central datalogger and network interface unit
  • the Software which displays on a GIS the situation and control Monitor
  • LoRa Solutions

Carrier Connect provides an Turn-Key Solution for all kind of Application:

The generic IOT Node LoRa 4G environmental sensing monitoring alerting and mobilisation Suite.

typically it consists of

  • LoRa Sensor Transmitter with a Range (depending from the environment minimum 1-2km)
  • LoRa Repeater Unit wich extends the distance to the Gateway Reciever (depending on the environment) to up to 5-200km
  • The LoRa Gateway Reciever communicates with the Farmer or Official directely with Display and Beeps.
  • If Internet is available at the point of the Gateway Reciever, the data can be feed into a national survey network, situation control system or just an private Telegram Messaging for the Owner of the sensor application.


Prototype Design for an Low Cost LO RA Sensor
Development Example for a low cost Lo Ra Sensor.
  • Irrigation Control in abroad areas (deployed e.g. in Cambodia)
  • Drought Monitoring
  • Wildlife Survey
  • Flood Monitoring
  • Solar Power
  • Critical infrastructure status
  • Perimeter control
  • in general Smart Agriculture


Typical Project Services 

Consulting for State Agencies and NGOs

Individual Sensor development

Network Roll Out Planing

Quality Control

Project Planing, Deployment and Fulfillment