Our latest projects as inspiration for You

  • Preemptative Maintainance Controllers for Refrigerators
    Customers: Beverage Companys and Breweries with large number of let refrigerators in the field
    Function:  asset control, device id, temperature control, technical status, position on the map, preemtative maintainance planing and configurable online information for marketing purpose
    Consist:  hardware IOT Controller for the refrigerators with SIM Card and access to the Carrier-Connect Cloud or data handover to the customer IT.
  • Passenger Counter for Transportation, Trains, Bus or Cabs
    Customer: Public and private transportation companies
    Function: Counting of passengers entering and leaving the transport. sending of this data together with the position to an Map, store in the Database for later analysis, planing,  routing and capacity optimization, avoidance of misappropriation of ticket revenue  as well as for the financial accounting.
    Consist: A 3D Camera per each Vehicle Door, the CC Connector,  *connects via Mobile Internet or Wifi, our Cloud Database which can be integrated into the Customer IT Environment.
  • Solar Powered Irrigation System
  • Water Level Monitoring System
  • On Demand Water Irrigation System with online app for aggricultural cooperations incl. functions to order online and see the consumation & billing of the ordered water.
  • Power Metering of Solar Power Systems
  • Status and Maintainance Controllers for Mobile Basestation Electric Generators
    Customers: Provider of Mobile Networks