About us

Carrier-Connect is a Swiss customer driven engineering company.

We developed on the base of our TREX Platform a wide range of Solutions for classic Telecommunication Companies and Mobile Carriers.

CC introduced since then SS7 over Ethernet Switches, DSP Accelerators, Mobilization Applications for civil and military use. 4G/5G SDN Accelerators and 5G Test fields.


Since 2015 we develop also IOT devices tailored for specific tasks. Our R-IOT and ComPatrIOT lines of Products are platforms for quick development deep integrated IOT Devices.

We provide our standalone IOT situation Applications Awareness Center (ISAAC)  or integrate our Products into our existing Management and C4I Systems.

With both Ends, High-End Carrier Competence and possibility to integrate existing or develop and deploy custom IOT Devices we are the ideal Partner for Mobile Providers in opening new fields of Business and revenue to governments and large cooperation’s, but can also offer solutions based on our Portfolio to bring cost efficient sensoring to SMEs and End-users.


CC focus is fast IOT project development using existing Building Blocks for any kind of Sensor and Solution. With our ISAAC Building blocks we offer on Premise or cloud based Monitoring of IOT Devices as resalable Service for Mobile Providers.